$58,750 Research Grant To Dr. Lyndsay Murray

$58,750 Research Grant To Dr. Lyndsay Murray

In partnership with FightSMA, we're thrilled to announce a $58,750 SMA research grant to Dr. Lyndsay Murray, the University of Edinburgh. We've awarded Dr. Murray four grants since 2013 -- one independently and three in collaboration with FightSMA -- and we're excited to further support her lab and very exciting work. Dr. Murray received two grants in 2013, $25,000 and $62,500, through our Emerging Investigator Awards program and a $10,000 targeted scholarship grant in 2014 to put more hands directly in her SMA focused lab. 

Lyndsay's work focuses on a very important area of SMA research -- Smn restoration and understanding what happens in the very early stages of SMA. This grant will help her team understand more about the "therapeutic window" which is critical to treating the disease after symptoms have started.

What is the focus of Dr. Murray's work?

"Work in a number of different models of SMA has shown that restoring Smn levels at a pre-symtomatic stage of disease can be hugely beneficial. However, the benefits of restoring Smn levels decline as disease progresses. Even at early stages of disease, the benefits of Smn restoration are significantly reduced. Currently, we don’t understand exactly why this is. In this project, we will investigate what happens in these very early stages of disease. This work will help us understand what limits this so called therapeutic time window, and will help us develop therapeutics which can help patients who are treated after disease symptoms have started."  -- Dr. Lyndsay Murray

How will our grant help Dr. Murray and her team towards that goal?

"The grant provided by the GSF and FightSMA will be instrumental in the progression of my project. It will cover all the necessary reagents and tools which are required. Furthermore, my lab is currently relatively new. This award is therefore key funding during this transitional phase. It will be instrumental in springboarding new projects and obtaining further funding in the future." -- Dr. Lyndsay Murray

Congratulations Dr. Murray!

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