Project Mariposa {Month THREE} Recap: Grants #32-35

May 11, 2012 by Victoria Strong
Project Mariposa {Month THREE} Recap: Grants #32-35

We created Project Mariposa with the simple mission -- to make the world more accessible through technology grants. Thanks to our amazing donors and supporters, we started this program with funding to grant 50 iPads in 50 weeks (along with 50 $50 iTunes gift cards), but because of the awesome people who believe in us and believe in what we are doing with Project Mariposa, we have already increased that to 75 iPads. And we are working hard to make that 100...150...200! With your help we can. To donate directly to Project Mariposa click HERE. Or to become an official Project Mariposa Sponsor click HERE. And most importantly, THANK YOU. Thank you for helping to open the world for so many through technology! One thing is very clear -- there IS a need. A big need. 

For applicants, rememeber if you have already applied and have not been selected yet, don't worry. Your application will roll over and you will be considered for one of the future grants. Each application is very moving and deserving. If you haven't applied yet, don't worry. We are accepting applications as long as this technology is making a difference. Apply HERE.


Grant recipient #17, Arturo George is loving his new iPad from Project Mariposa. From his mom, Liz: I just felt like saying another big THANK YOU for changing my son's life! I cannot say enough about what the iPad is doing for him!! His contracture in his left arm is improving because he uses both hands to play games on his iPad. For the first time in his life he can make choices and play independently for hours on end. We all joke that we miss him since he got his iPad because he never wants to be held or hold our hands anymore because he is too busy with his precious games! Before we even had any apps downloaded he had figured out how to scan Youtube for videos he liked, and we still love seeing what he chooses to watch! He's only gotten himself in trouble twice, with, ahem..."bad" choices on what he found to watch! LOL! The iPad is already helping Turo physically, emotionally, and with his communication, and we can't wait to see what else it will unlock for him in the near future! We truly can't thank theGSF enough!!! Thank you Liz for sharing this wonderful update. We are so thrilled to hear the good news about Arturo. 

Each Friday, we announce the newest Project Mariposa grantees on theGSF Facebook Fan Page. We love Fridays and are always so excited to share each person's story. So if you missed them, here are the most recent grant recipients. Meet Project Mariposa grant recipients #32 to #35:

{WEEK ELEVEN} Grantee #32 :: Kiley McClay :: Kiley was diagnosed with SMA Type 2 when she was 16 months old. In the beginning we were told all things she would not be able to do, like stand, walk or even brush her own hair. In the last 8 years we have learned all of things she can do better than most people we know. Kiley is kind and loving. She inspires people daily with her love of life no matter the limitations she faces. She is funny and smart. When she is your friend she will support you anyway she can. Kiley is beautiful inside and out! She is a little girl who does not let SMA slow her down. Kiley would use the ipad to make movies. She loves to direct her little brother and her friends in our neighborhood in productions from her imagination. Kiley is an avid reader and the ipad would help her with turning the pages. Kiley has always wanted to play the guitar. An ipad would give her an opportunity to do this. Congratulations Kiley! We can't wait to see your movies.

{WEEK TWELVE} Grantee #33 :: Diego Mojarro, California :: Diego is the youngest of three boys. Our family was so excited about having a new baby. Nevertheless, our family's life was changed forever when Diego was diagnosed with SMA Type 1 at 5 1/2 months old. Little did we know that only three weeks later after his diagnosis Diego would go into respiratory arrest. Diego recently turned 2 years old and we are working on developing communication with him. An iPad will help support that goal and will present many new possibilities to promote his independence. His therapists told us that an iPad would be a great tool for him and we are hoping that if Diego gets one for himself, he can practice more than the hour a week he gets with one at therapy. We have been blessed with Diego in many ways. He has taught all of us about having a fighting spirit and appreciating every day. Congratulations Diego!

{WEEK THIRTEEN} Grantee #34 :: Nicholas Piazza, New York :: Nicholas was diagnosed at 6 months of age with SMA Type I -- he turned 18 years old this past September! He is an incredible young man who attends college to fullfil his dream of becoming a paleontologist! An iPad will be an enormous resource for him to help him keep up with his studies and further his independence. Congratulations Nicholas!

{WEEK FOURTEEN} Grantee #35 :: Savanna Rush, Texas:: Savanna has an iPhone that she bought with her birthday money last year so that she could play games. It has been wonderful to see her have some independence in her life, but we would love to get her an iPad because it can do so much more. I think one of the biggest things is being able to read books on the iPad, turn the pages on her own which because she has SMA Type 1 is currently too difficult. Savanna loves playing games with her little brother, Boston, on her iPhone. I think with an iPad, it would just take it to another level of playing for them, giving her just another way to feel "normal." We have talked about buying one, but just have not been able to afford it. Savanna is very excited about this opportunity and all the iPad will bring to her world. Congratulations Savanna!

Get involved to help Project Mariposa grow! Host a fundraiser. Donate. Become an Official Sponsor.  

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