Businesses Help Consumers Shop With A Purpose

In a time when everyone is trying to make a buck, I’d like to tip my hat to a Website that’s trying to do the opposite – spread the wealth.
I’m talking about This dynamic site creates customized co-branded marketplaces allowing people to shop online as they would normally do with a percentage of what they spend going to a nonprofit, school, or association of their choice.
What’s impressive is the wide range of businesses that participate – roughly 800 merchants, ranging from big box stores to small business start ups.
Given that this is the holiday season, and I choose NOT to shop in crowded stores unless forced,  I have taken full advantage of this site.
My cause: The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation (GSF).
Founded in their daughter’s name by Bill and Victoria Strong, GSF is on a dedicated mission to raise awareness and funds to help cure Spinal Muscular Atrophy, the #1 genetic killer of children under 2.
GSF branded their own marketplace using We-Care’s infrastructure. It’s called ShopToEndSMA – and it’s an online shopper’s dream.
Book a trip on Air France. They’ll make a .5% donation.
Order holiday cards at the CardStore (5% donation).
Reserve a stay at the Marriott (1% donation).
Upgrade your computer software at Adobe (4%).
Buy an iPhone at the Apple Store (.5% donation) and then subscribe to AT&T’s 3G network (donation percentage may vary).
… And the list goes on and on.
Look, money is tight.
Most of us don’t have the funds to donate to a cause of our choice. But sites like We-Care and ShopToEndSMA –  and all of the wonderful businesses they’ve partnered with – allow us to give effortlessly.
They literally take the sting out of spending money.
I commend businesses, large and small, for stepping up to the plate during this rough economic time.
While others are hoarding, the partners at We-Care are sharing.
How refreshing.

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