This is SMA.

This is SMA.

"This is SMA." is an ongoing effort by theGSF with the simple goal of answering that first What is SMA? question in a visual and relatable way that leaves an impact.

theGSF created the This Is SMA. campaign in 2009 and have used a variety of tools to put a face to this brutal disease and create more understanding about who children with SMA are beyond statistics. theGSF utilizes targeted, blunt messaging to reach a broad global audience through unique social media campaigns. As part of this initiative, theGSF has featured different stories about those impacted by SMA, held the first ever SMA blog party, produced a visual storyboard and several impactful videos.

SMA is far more than its brutal statistics. It is families. It is their love, their determination, their resilience. It is children. It is their joy, their bravery, their zest for life. It is mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, grandparents, friends, newborns and college graduates. It is perseverance. It is perspective. It is courage.

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