“Say Hi! AAC” iPad Communication App

“Say Hi! AAC” iPad Communication App

“Say Hi! AAC” iPad Communication App

"Say Hi! AAC" is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and navigation iPad application that brings the world of basic communication to people with severe physical disabilities, limited movement, and/or challenged dexterity.

Install Say Hi! AAC on your iPad and create pages with groups of words or phrase boxes. A page can contain up to nine boxes and a box can have any combination of words, phrases, pictures, or recorded sounds. It's completely customizable to suit your specific needs or situation.

Then, install Say Hi! AAC on two additional iPod Touch or iPhone devices. One device acts as the "mover" allowing the user to move between boxes. The other device functions as the "selector" allowing the user to select the desired box and "say" the associated word or phrase.

Launch Say Hi! AAC on your iPad and as long as all three devices -- the iPad, the mover, and the selector -- are on the same wireless network, Say Hi! AAC will pair them by prompting you to select which device will act as the "mover" and "selector".

DOWNLOADED over 100,000 times in iTunes!

Note: While Say Hi! AAC was intended to be used with the iPad and two iOS devices for those with extremely limited movement, this app can also be used alone on just the iPad with support or for those with more physical capabilities. We have received feedback from many that this app is working well for them directly on the iPad because they like the simplicity and customizable options.

*** IMPORTANT: Say Hi! AAC is not in any way affiliated with "SayHi Translate" ***

DOWNLOAD SAY HI! AAC NOW FOR FREE >> Say Hi! AAC is available for FREE in the Apple App Store now. Search for Say Hi! AAC on your iPad or iOS device or click HERE.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT >> To contact Say Hi! AAC customer support, please email sayhi@theGSF.org

FAQs >> To review the Say Hi! AAC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), please click HERE.



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