| 100,000+ Supported SMA Legislation | 100,000+ Supported SMA Legislation

In just a week after launching "," over 2,500 signatures were gathered. By 19 days it had grown to 10,000. And in six months had exploded to an amazing 50,000 unique signers in support of SMA legislation. And what was most important, these signatures were having an impact on Capitol Hill. Since that time, has succesfully garnered over 100,000 signatures, raised awareness of SMA, generated media coverage, and its use increased Congressional support for SMA research. was a true grassroots effort started by Bill and Victoria Strong on July 12, 2008 -- just a few months after their daughter, Gwendolyn, was diagnosed with SMA. Wanting to do "something" in a helpless situation, the Strongs dove head first into rallying support for SMA legislation, the SMA Treatment Acceleration Act, whose goal was to increase federal funding for SMA research. Spearheaded by SMA advocacy groups FightSMA, Families of SMA, Musuclar Dystrophy Association, and SMA Foundation, the SMA Treatment Acceleration Act was in need of bipartisan Co-Sponsors to progress through Congress. By creating an official online document with District specific data that could be easily shared with every Member of Congress, quickly made a difference on the Hill.

While the SMA Treatment Acceleration Act did not pass, helped garner increased Congressional support and bipartisan Co-Sponsorship -- and tens of thousands of new people became involved in the SMA cause.

As a result of its success, the positivity the Strongs felt in "doing something" and the relationships built with other non-profit organizations, also became a catalyst for the Strongs decision to establish the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation in August 2010.

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