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Mama Gems

We are so honored to be connected with such beautiful people doing such beautiful things. 5% of ALL Mama Gems are donated to charity, with the SMA Collection benefiting theGSF.

As Michaela Evanow cared for her 3-year-old daughter, Florence, who had SMA Type 1, and her teething son, Theodore, who had already broken several of her necklaces, she began tapping into her creativity. Knowing there had to be others who wanted stylish baby-friendly jewelry, Michaela began toying with the idea of starting her own company. While Teddy napped and with Florence by her side, Michaela sorted beads, selected pieces, and began Mama Gems.

Sadly, in May 2015, Florence Marigold passed away in the loving arms of her parents. As Michaela carried deep grief, Mama Gems took on something else -- a way to honor her darling girl and make a difference in her memory. From Michaela:

"We are a family of four on an extraordinary journey of faith. We have a story to tell, one that is carving out deep places in us, rubbing our hearts soft and tender. We see everything differently now.

Florence was my flower child, born in the blue of March. The marigold and aquamarine brand colors symbolize her middle name and her birthstone. I've also drawn inspiration from butterflies (her symbol) and the sparkling solar system, because when I look up, I see heaven. She is all around. Always.

We still believe the story isn’t over.

Florence is still writing it. She is and was and always will be our little girl."

An avid traveler pre-children, Michaela drew inspiration from her global experiences and bohemian style, sourcing simple silicone beads in subdued colors and wood pieces in modern shapes. She didn't want to wear or design something that screamed "teething necklace" -- no rainbows or bubblegum pink found here. Instead, Mama Gems hearkens the beauty of gemstones and prayer beads, but in baby-friendly materials perfect for teething, tugging while nursing, or the general pulling from busy little hands. And, the Mama Gems line is stylish and sophisticated enough to be worn even by those who don’t have a little one pulling at their jewelry.

Mama Gems include curated hard-to-find cord colors, juniper wood pendants, natural wood beads, custom blended colors, food grade, FDA approved silicone beads free from BPA, PVC, lead, latex and heavy metals. and lead-free, baby friendly painted wooden beads from the EU. All necklaces feature a breakaway safety clasps. Essential oils can also be added to many of the pieces as well. And, there is also the Little Gems line of necklaces made specifically for little ones.

Each necklace in the SMA Collection is named in honor of a child who has battled SMA too. Enclosed with every purchase from this collection, you'll find the story of Florence, Nella, Auni, Finley, Stella, Gwendolyn, Mabel, Emma, Addison or Charlie-Anne. 5% from the purchase of every necklace in this collection is donated to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation.

THANK YOU, Michaela! Thank you for creating such beautiful good because of your incredible Flo.

Purchase with purpose and help us spread more awareness about SMA.
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