Jumping Jack

Jumping Jack

We LOVE small businesses and are pretty much obsessed with the creative community on social media. We are always thrilled when small business find a way to give back and are absolutely honored when theGSF is selected as a recipient of their hard work. Jumping Jack has always been near and dear to our hearts -- they understand SMA because it altered their lives too.

Jack was born with SMA Type 1. He lived 199 days. During his life, and though facing immeasurable grief, the Bonellis found a way to live fully with the focus to bring Jack joy. They helped Jack see the beauty in the world, surrounded him with loving family, celebrated his first Christmas early by creating a magical Winter Wonderland to make sure he got to experience one, and spent their days soaking in every ounce of their gorgeous boy. From Sarah: "We chose to not let his disease define us, or destroy us. We lived each day to the very fullest and made unforgettable memories. Jack taught us to have strength when it seemed impossible to keep going. He taught us to have no fear of something new and to follow our dreams." They are brave. They are strong. They NEVER GIVE UP.

After Jack's passing, Sarah starting an Etsy business making things Jack loved. Jumping Jack soon branched out to other areas and with the birth of their second child, a little girl, darling hair accessories were added, and then trendy t-shirts. Shop Jumping Jack has been very successful and in everything they do there is a celebration of Jack's life.

We love their latest creation -- a T-shirt with the beautiful phrase: "You are my favorite reason to never give up." And we are honored that $5 from every purchase is being donated to theGSF. Shirts are $28 for adults and $22 for kids. There is a gray and a cream option. Order HERE to order. We LOVE ours!

THANK YOU, Bonelli family for using your grief to fuel change. 


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