Go Babe Boutique

Go Babe Boutique

"Go Babe" and their new line "Go Home" creates beautiful items for babies, mamas, and your home. Inspired by motherhood with an awareness for the environment, Go Babe started when Molly Perry had her first child. She found herself needing more fashionably functional items and started out just making baby slings and cute diaper bags. Go Babe has now grown into an entire line of handcrafted adorable clothing (her Pom Pom Play Suits -- oh my!), blankets (listed as top baby favorites by Babyology), and all those sweet accessories a mama needs using high quality organic fabrics with unique eye-catching patterns that allow your child's layette to be memorable and fashionable for every day.

But Go Babe does much more than create darling items. TEN PERCENT of EVERY single purchase -- all items -- is donated to theGSF.org. 

The Perry's beautiful daughter, Payton, died from SMA, changing everything, including the face and mission of GoBabe. Payton Madigan was born October 1st, 2011. Their second child, this time a girl, Payton made their family feel complete. Payton was only 10-months-old when she passed away on August 5th, 2012.

From Molly: "From the moment of your birth, you were able to look deep into each of us. Your eyes held the depths of your soul, so wise and so knowing. You captured us every day and told us a lesson. You shared your beautiful soul without saying a word. Those bright blue eyes told us all that we needed to know. We will go through life, seeing that shade of blue and will always think of you."

The Perry family immediately channeled their grief into helping the SMA cause and supporting other families impacted. They organized an annual 5K and events through local businesses, hosted an SMA baseball night, and even got professional athletes to shout out about SMA, wearing NEVER GIVE UP. shirts, on social media. One other way the Perrys give back is by dedicating a % of GoBabe's monthly sales to supporting the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation to help end this brutal disease. From Molly: "Supporting awareness of SMA and the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation, with a story and passion similar to mine, established the growth and change of GoBabe to what it is today. I am blessed with a thriving business and I just want to give back."

And, as their journey to expand their family evolved, the Perry's recently started a wonderful program to help others facing genetic disease. Also funded through GoBabe, the Perry's are offering a grant of $200-500 to assist families seeking Embryo Adoption or Donation. You can apply here: EMBRYO ADOPTION GRANT APPLICATION

Go Babe has grown enormously, with Molly regularly participating in open markets and festivals all along the East Coast. Go Babe products are also featured in several high-end children's boutiques. Molly is constantly working hard to grow her brand and actively promotes SMA awareness all along the way.

Thank you, Go Babe for selflessly giving back. Thank you, Perry family for making such a difference in memory of your gorgeous Payton.  

 Shop with purpose at Go Babe Boutique.

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