Firefly Wine Lights

Firefly Wine Lights

It is because of individuals choosing to make a difference that the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation has been able to accomplish so much. People who choose to stand with us and believe with us that together we can change the future of this brutal disease. The Exline family is one such example of how we all have the power to make a difference. Through their shop, Firefly Wine Lights, this husband and wife team selflessly commit 20% of each sale to theGSF.

From Wendy:

"Firefly Wine Lights was born out of a desire for simple but pretty centerpieces and lighting for an outdoor wine tasting party. I had seen ideas on Pinterest using wine bottles as lights but they required an outlet. I asked my husband if he could make them cordless since it was an outdoor party. He made our first set in time for my birthday and they were a hit. We then gifted some to friends and family and they wanted to send them as gifts as well. We soon decided to set up our shop repurposing wine bottles threaded with tiny LED lights. We also have mason jar lights and have recently added a collection of wine charms.

I do not have a personal connection to SMA, but have been impacted by it so much more than I expected. I had been sifting through blogs and social media stories of families living with SMA. Stories of love and loss, and strength in vulnerability. When I first read about the Strong Family's experience and all they were doing to fight against SMA, my heart was stirred. They redefined the word perseverance for me. As I continued to hear about everyday people who were joining in to make a difference, I felt called to fight alongside theGSF, as well, and DO something.

After our first few sales, it occurred to me this could be the "something" we could do to help theGSF. They are why this hobby of ours has now become a passion. There is so much more purpose in the late nights, drilling, sanding, washing and assembling bottles and jars. And as we package and send each one off, we thank customers for their support and share about who they are helping in return." 

Thank you so much, Exline family, for standing with us and taking action. It is because of good people like you that a treatment for SMA is in the future.

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