$58,750 Research Grant To Dr. Kevin Foust

$58,750 Research Grant To Dr. Kevin Foust

In partnership with FightSMA, we're thrilled to announce a $58,750 SMA research grant to Dr. Kevin Foust, The Ohio State University. This is our second grant to Dr. Foust and we're excited to further support his important work. We granted Dr. Foust $25,000 in 2013 as part of our Emerging Investigator Awards program. Further, his program was published in Human Molecular Genetics in May 2015.

Kevin's work focuses on an area that impacts many living with SMA (including Gwendolyn) -- severe gastrointestinal issues. The area is extremely under-appreciated. And underfunded. Chronically uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. This grant will help Dr. Foust and his team gain further understanding of how SMA impacts the tummy and potentially lead to therapeutic options that will greatly improve the lives of those living with SMA. We think that is incredibly important.

What is the focus of Dr. Foust's work?

"We are investigating the neurological control of the gastrointestinal tract in mouse models of SMA. We believe SMN deficiency interferes with the nerves that control gastrointestinal motility and causes reflux and constipation in some patients. Our goals are to increase understanding of the SMA disease process so that new therapeutic approaches can be developed to alleviate symptoms and improve patient quality of life." -- Dr. Kevin Foust

How will our grant help Dr. Foust and his team towards that goal?

"We are extremely grateful for the continued support from FightSMA and GSF. The award is crucial for continuing our work because it pays for key personnel and resources needed for our experiments. Our experiments will determine the cells in the gut that need high levels of SMN for proper function, and whether delayed restoration of SMN expression lessens gastrointestinal symptoms." -- Dr. Kevin Foust

Congratulations Dr. Foust!

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