$10,000 Targeted Grant to Dr. Allison Ebert

$10,000 Targeted Grant to Dr. Allison Ebert

We're proud to announce a $10,000 targeted research grant to Dr. Allison Ebert, Medical College of Wisconsin, to directly fund the purchase of a high resolution Nikon imaging system for her microscope to aid in the analysis and publication of her important work on spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), Parkinson's, and ALS. Dr. Ebert's exciting work focuses primarily on studying the role of astrocytes in SMA pathology. She uses patient derived induced pluripotent stem cells (those derived from skin cells that they genetically revert to a pluripotent state) to generate motor neuron and astrocytes to look at the cellular events that are occurring that could explain why motor neurons are particularly vulnerable in SMA.

From Dr. Ebert:

"Funds provided by the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation allowed us to purchase a new Nikon camera for our microscope. This camera generates high resolution images to aid analysis and publication of our data. We utilize the microscopic images to detect changes in shape, size, number, and protein expression of human SMA stem cell derived motor neurons and astrocytes in an effort to determine how interactions between these cell types contribute to disease pathology."

Congratulations Dr. Ebert! Thank you for all you are doing to push the SMA research field forward.

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