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March 16, 2011 by Bill Strong

New Awesome SMA Resouce: InsideSMA

February 13, 2011 by Victoria Strong

The Gooden family has been hard at work creating a really incredible resource for SMA families -- InsideSMA. I always love when families come up with something new and innovative to help others!!! The tips, tricks, and advice on here are really wonderful. Everything from how to prepare for and...


It Arrived!!! Let the Adventures Begin!

December 22, 2010 by Victoria Strong's an extra special, super duper, really big, awesome, stupendous surprise... just in time for Christmas! Gwendolyn's POWER CHAIR ARRIVED! EEEEEEEEEEEE! Yipee! Yipee! We are pretty darn excited around here...but most importantly, Gwendolyn is OVER. THE. MOON!!!

Yesterday all three of us...


Little Star Love

September 03, 2010 by Victoria Strong
Gwendolyn is in love -- L.O.V.E. His name is Little Star and he is her mini horse best friend!!! Little Star moved to a new home over by the beach about three weeks ago and we have been going out to see him every chance we get. The best part is Gwendolyn completely controls everything.

We've been...


Therapy and G’s Awesome Therapists

August 19, 2010 by Victoria Strong

Gwendolyn has therapy every day -- on some days twice. The therapy ranges from stretching to play and sometimes a combination of the two, but all of it allows Gwendolyn to experience things she could not without the help of some very special people.

Therapy for SMA children is a challenge. It's not...


Little Star

June 16, 2010 by Victoria Strong
Gwendolyn has a pony -- two ponies!!! Okay, they aren'treally her ponies, but this darling pair are the closest she will ever come. And we are in love! Little Star and Silver Star are our friend Diane's new mini horses. Little Star is the sweetest, gentlest, teeny tiny pony you have ever met. He is...

Horse Therapy

April 15, 2010 by Victoria Strong
As you know Gwendolyn adoresmini horses. She just lights up whenever she is around them and clearly gets so much from seeing them. But Quicksilver, the mini horse breeder, is not super near us, which got me thinking about the possibility of being involved with a horse therapy non-profit called...


March 02, 2010 by Victoria Strong
Yesterday was a first...well, at least in this form. Gwendolyn "walked." By walking I mean she was in the stander and we rolled it through the therapy unit. Simple enough for most folks, but this is the first time Gwendolyn has ever moved completely forward while standing. She has been using the...

Great AFO Socks, SmartKnitKIDS seamless sensitivity socks

December 05, 2009 by Bill Strong
Finding socks that work well with Gwendolyn's AFOs has been challenging. Most children's socks have raised bumps, lines, or patterns and are too big or too small or too high or too short. And it's not like Nike is manufacturing Dri-FIT technology socks for toddlers, so the fabric most children's...

Warming Up To That Power Chair

October 20, 2009 by Bill Strong
On Monday, Gwendolyn had a big, huge, gigantic personal breakthrough with her demo pink power chair at our weekly therapy appointment. We've been careful not to push her too quickly into the chair, knowing that it was going to be a major step for her and one that she had to make on her own -- at...

Gwendolyn Update

September 17, 2009 by Victoria Strong
It has been a busy few days. We are home from Stanford now and are continuing to try to figure out what is going on with Gwendolyn. We are still a bit worried, but are relieved to be tackling the issues.

She is doing fine on the antibiotic, but we are watching her closely to make sure her...


Serial Casting Success and City Proclamations

August 26, 2009 by Bill Strong
All in a day's work for our little fighter Gwendolyn...

This morning we took Gwendolyn to see her orthopedist, Dr. Early, to have her serial casting performed. Victoria and I were nervous for her, but Gwendolyn was a trooper as usual -- she actually smiled at Dr. Early through almost the entire...


Serial Casting

August 24, 2009 by Bill Strong
Tomorrow, we will be taking Gwendolyn for serial casting. No, we're not exactly happy about it, but it is necessary and will lead to more good, adventurous, fun stuff for our little fighter Gwendolyn. Serial casting is a noninvasive procedure where Gwendolyn's Orthopedist, Dr. Sean Early, will put...

Gwendolyn Conquering the Stander!!!

April 06, 2009 by Bill Strong

We are so proud of our little girl. You may remember a post Victoria did back in November 2008 about the debacle we had with the first attempt in the stander. In short, it was a disaster. Well, over the last couple of weeks at our weekly CCS therapy appointments we've been re-introducing Gwendolyn...

Two new weapons against contractures

April 03, 2009 by Bill Strong
The contracture battle is constant. Gwendolyn has physical therapy three times per week and Victoria and I are constantly moving, positioning, and stretching her joints to try our best to keep her from developing painful and relatively irreversible contractures. We posted about Gwendolyn's soft...

California Children's Services (CCS) pow-wow

January 15, 2009 by Bill Strong
Yesterday, we had a big assessment pow-wow at our local California Children's Services (CCS) facility. CCS is a California state program for children with certain diseases or health problems -- SMA is one of those diseases. Although CCS provides many services, we're initially focused on getting...

Our experience with our hospice

December 07, 2008 by Bill Strong
I'll never forget being in the hospital at Stanford and again at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara and our social workers mentioning that we consider going on hospice. Despite Gwendolyn's condition being terminal and the fact that we were completely, utterly lost on how we were going to make this...

What a Week!!!

November 22, 2008 by Victoria Strong
It has been one of those weeks -- one thing after another. It all started with the stress of the fire and, even after the evacuation warning had cleared, watching Gwendolyn closely for any signs of distress. Then on Monday we started construction work on our house. I wish I could say it was...


November 18, 2008 by Victoria Strong

We tried Gwendolyn in a "stander" yesterday and it was a disaster. The idea was to slowly elevate her over several days, but everything went haywire and the next thing I know I was plonking her in a bright blue thing elevated at 40 degrees. I supported her back, but Gwendolyn was immediately...

Sitting up

September 18, 2008 by Bill Strong

Last time we met with Dr. Wang he mentioned having us start slowly
getting Gwendolyn used to sitting in elevated positions to give her
the best chance of being physically able to be upright if she is
strong enough to use a wheelchair down the road. We have been holding
her up in our arms for months...

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