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Still at Gramma's; Things are Looking Better at Home!

May 10, 2009 by Bill Strong

We are still hanging out at Gramma's and making the most of our forced time away from home - we're actually having a great time. We've been thinking about our friends back in Santa Barbara constantly and are hoping that everyone has remained safe.

It sounds like the weather has cooled down...


Busy Weekend

April 28, 2009 by Victoria Strong
We had quite the busy weekend. On Saturday the three of us headed out for a nice walk and breakfast at our favorite cafe, CrushCafe. We sat outside and sipped yummy coffee while Gwendolyn held onto Elmo and watched Elmo on video -- an extra treat! It feels like our days and weeks have been extra...

Supportive Friends

February 17, 2009 by Bill Strong

Our friends Wade, Heather, and adorable baby Reagan of Las
Vegas just had these cupcakes delivered from our favorite cupcakery. We are
so very lucky to have such supportive friends!!! Look at the 50,000 they had written out -- so AWESOME! We love you guys.

Fun with friends

January 21, 2009 by Bill Strong
Last weekend, one of my best friends, Nick, and his fiance, Aubrey, were up visiting from L.A. We had a great time catching up and Gwendolyn had an absolute blast with both of them. We took a walk up to the Mission for a sunset picnic on Saturday evening and Gwendolyn stared in awe at Aubrey the...

Hammocks, blintzes, and mimosas…

January 11, 2009 by Bill Strong

Two things I learned today - (1) there's never a bad time for homemade blintzes and mimosas made with fresh squeezed orange juice and (2) Gwendolyn loves swinging in hammocks.

We were treated to an amazing breakfast at our friends Terri and Adam's house this morning. It was an absolutely beautiful...

Light Show

December 24, 2008 by Victoria Strong
Tonight we had a really fun, last minute adventure. Like many towns, there is a local area where the houses really go all out in their Christmas light decorating. Our friends Terri and Adam let us know about the area and we all met up for a walk to see the lights up close. Gwendolyn was mesmerized....

Social Butterfly

December 15, 2008 by Victoria Strong

We had another nice weekend getting together with friends. We have met such wonderful people over the last year and we are so grateful to have them in our lives...and Gwendolyn is, too.

We went to a Christmas party hosted by our friends Daalia and Will and with many of the parents we have met...


Reese's First Birthday Bash

November 09, 2008 by Bill Strong

On Saturday we went to a first birthday party for darling Reese. Gwendolyn got to wear her new favorite butterfly dress (thank you Aunt Elizabeth) and we all had a great time on an absolutely beautiful day. As always, Gwendolyn loved being part of the party and watching and listening to all of the...

Visit with Matty

November 08, 2008 by Bill Strong

One of my best friends, Matt, flew in all the way from NYC to visit us
this week. Although we talk on the phone several times a week, it's
been almost a year since we've seen one another. It was so nice for
all of us to hang out, catch up, and to see him meet and spend time
with Gwendolyn -- he...

Mom's Night Out

October 30, 2008 by Victoria Strong
I had such a great time last night with a group of PEP moms at the Hollister Brewing Co. I don't know if I have laughed that hard for that long in a long time. It was great. What an interesting, dynamic, and fun group of women. Thanks ladies for a fab night!

PEP Halloween Bash

October 27, 2008 by Bill Strong

Yesterday we dressed Gwendolyn in her adorable lioness costume (thank you for the costume Auntie Weez!!!) and went to the PEP Halloween event at the Stow House in Goleta. It was a beautiful semi-fall like California day and it was so great to see all of the children dressed up in their costumes and...

1st Birthday Party

October 24, 2008 by Victoria Strong

On Sunday, Bill and I hosted a birthday party for Gwendolyn in our back garden. At first, when we started talking about a party, we thought we were crazy to try to do this -- the time to plan, the risk of germs, would it be too much for her...but, in the scheme of Gwendolyn's life, we knew we...


WalMart Warriors!!!

October 19, 2008 by Victoria Strong

On Gwendolyn's birthday, my dear friend, Theresa, rallied an army of SMA advocates and pushed to end this disease. Theresa, whom I've known since elementary school, spoke with Babies R Us about doing an event to raise awareness, but was turned down, so never being one to give up she marched over...

Fight for Gwen

October 16, 2008 by Bill Strong
Through this process we've met some exceptional people who have touched our lives and changed us forever. One such couple is Dorothy and Jon Shuler from New York. They lost their precious Owen to SMA in August 2008 at only five months old. We bonded with them through their fight and feel connected...

Party Girl

October 14, 2008 by Victoria Strong

Gwendolyn went to her first party over the weekend and she was a regular party girl! She socialized with the grown ups, admired the birthday girl's darling Tinkerbell outfit, played peek-a-boo with a cute boy, giggled with another, and marveled at the whole social process. She thoroughly enjoyed...

Petition Event—PEP parents ROCK!

September 24, 2008 by Victoria Strong
Over the weekend the amazing mothers and fathers from PEP gathered together again to rally further support for Petition to Cure SMA. They managed to organize and orchestrate a booth at the Cottage Hospital Baby Fair and spent their Saturday campaigning, all while juggling careers and parenting...


August 17, 2008 by Victoria Strong
Bill and I are heartbroken. Tonight we learned some very sad news. Owen, a darling 5-month-old baby boy, lost his fight with SMA. We have been corresponding with Owen's lovely family and really feel connected to them. We know there is nothing to we can say to ease their grief. There is nothing...

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