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New Snuggly Friends

July 30, 2010 by Victoria Strong
We have quite a few new snuggly friends lately from different special people in our lives and Gwendolyn is enjoying each of them completely. Gwendolyn always names each new doll and she will not simply accept the first name we throw out...that is unless it strikes her fancy. And once a doll is...

Special Visitor: The SMA Fighting DIVA!!!

July 29, 2010 by Victoria Strong

We had a very special visitor this week -- Ms. Lauren Lundy O'Connor aka SMA Getter aka Team Run For Owen aka Supreme Awesomeness!!! We adore Lauren! You may remember her from here or here. Or you may remember that in May Lauren ran the New Jersey Marathon in honor of Gwendolyn. Lauren is...


Little Miss Firecracker

July 05, 2010 by Victoria Strong
We had a really fun weekend and a great 4th of July.

1. It felt really nice to just be together. I don't know why because we are together quite a lot, but this weekend seemed a little slower...a little less doing and just being -- and I loved it.

2. Bill got to go golfing on Saturday -- a Father's...



June 30, 2010 by Victoria Strong

Summer Fun

June 25, 2010 by Victoria Strong

The summer has just begun, but we have already been having lots of fun.

We've been having picnics with friends.

We've been teaching our princesses to dance.

We've been swinging in our new swing.

We've been taking Abby Cadabby for strolls.

We've been relishing time with old friends.

We've been reading...


Little Star

June 16, 2010 by Victoria Strong
Gwendolyn has a pony -- two ponies!!! Okay, they aren'treally her ponies, but this darling pair are the closest she will ever come. And we are in love! Little Star and Silver Star are our friend Diane's new mini horses. Little Star is the sweetest, gentlest, teeny tiny pony you have ever met. He is...

Isaac’s Puppy Party

June 13, 2010 by Victoria Strong
Yesterday we drove down to L.A. to attend the special first birthday party for sweet baby Isaac. I have been friends with Isaac's Mommy, Theresa, since elementary school. We were in Brownies and Girl Scouts together; we had countless sleepovers together; we endured the awkward Junior High years...

Babysitter For Hire

April 22, 2010 by Victoria Strong

One 2 1/2 year old babysitter for hire with lots of experience. I give gentle snuggles, tickle toes, pat tiny baby bottoms, and know just how to put baby to sleep.

Gwendolyn LOVES babies! And I mean loves! She looks when she hears a baby cry, she wants to visit all of her friends' new baby...


Fast Car and Fun Friends

March 25, 2010 by Victoria Strong
On Sunday we met our friends Will and Daalia down at the Padaro Grill for an early dinner. It turned out to be a chilly day down by the beach, but it was so fun to spend time with them. Their son, Laith, is a hoot and Gwendolyn loves being entertained by him. He kicks the ball for her, digs the...

Oh Baby!

March 24, 2010 by Victoria Strong
On Friday, Gwendolyn and I got to meet the newest member of our mom's club -- Thatcher Robinson Fallon. And, oh boy, is he cute! Gwendolyn had already decided she wanted to tickle him -- her baby specialty -- but I wasn't sure what she would really think when she was up close to this new little guy...

Zoey's Birthday Party

March 11, 2010 by Victoria Strong

It has been a birthday week and on Sunday we had the enormous honor of attending the 3rd birthday celebration for Miss Zoey Grace. Zoey is a gorgeous little miracle who continues to inspire me with all the odds she continues to beat, the accomplishments she continues to reach, and because she is...

Special Buddies

February 09, 2010 by Victoria Strong
Gwendolyn loves her friends. She just loves them. When I say their different names, she immediately lights up and gets so excited about going to see them. And although she usually watches from her stroller or from the couch as they play (toddlers are pretty busy), I can tell she still feels...

Weekend Fun

January 11, 2010 by Victoria Strong
With the big launch coming up, we have been busy all week finalizing plans for the Chase Community Giving campaign. The thought of what $1 Million could do for SMA is such an enormous motivator -- it gives us chills just to think of the possibilities -- that almost everything else in our life has...

Date Night Number 2

December 10, 2009 by Victoria Strong
On Saturday we got all dressed up, begged our fabulous nurse friend to babysit again, and had the honor of celebrating the love of two lovely people. Our friends, Chris and Laurie, never had the wedding they wanted. And so, in honor of their fifth anniversary, they lovingly planned the wonderful...

A Day of Fun

November 15, 2009 by Victoria Strong
Firstly, thank you all for your comments, emails, and facebook messages on my previous post. It helps to feel heard, it helps to feel supported, it helps to just get it all out sometimes. So thank you for letting me know you care -- it truly helps. As this seems to go, I felt much better later that...

Weekend of Firsts

November 10, 2009 by Victoria Strong
Over the weekend Bill flew out to Virginia to attend the FightSMA board meeting. We have been working with this SMA organization for nearly a year and a half through our campaign and they are enormous advocates for the SMA Treatment Acceleration Act. Thanks to their tireless...

Halloween Fun

November 01, 2009 by Victoria Strong

We had a really great Halloween and our little piggy did, too! We went to the Paskins' house for some yummy Halloween themed treats that Sarah created -- and they were the most adorable and delicious goodies! Some families arrived in full costume, which I loved! (We were the Three Little Pigs, but...


Triathlon For A Cure Sunset Cruise Fundraiser was a Blast!

October 30, 2009 by Bill Strong
Last night, our dear friends Mike and Sarah Paskin hosted the inaugural Triathlon For A Cure sunset cruise fundraiser on the Channel Cat catamaran in Santa Barbara. The setting was amazing, the evening was beautiful, the boat was pure luxury, the staff was wonderful, the food was fantastic, and the...

Strike Down SMA

October 28, 2009 by Victoria Strong
Strike Down SMA was a super fun event and raised $2,325 for the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation with all proceeds going toward Unite For The Cure!!! Incredible! Our longtime friends, Heather and Wade, organized everything at the Bowling Center in the Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. They...

Flag Flown Over U.S. Capitol in Honor of Gwendolyn

October 17, 2009 by Victoria Strong
Our friends have done it once again. We are humbled, excited, and so honored by the thoughtfulness, generosity, and kindness of the people in our lives. Unbeknownst to us, a flag was flown over the United States Capitol in honor of Gwendolyn on her second birthday! Yes, this building where all 535...

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