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Some Worry

December 13, 2010 by Victoria Strong
We are worried. We have been for a month now, but we keep hoping we will see improvement. We keep hoping we aren't seeing what we are seeing. Gwendolyn just isn't herself. She isn't sick. She wants to do and go and see, but her energy is low. She is not coming off bipap for very long. She is...

Watching Gwendolyn Closely

August 10, 2010 by Victoria Strong

So Gwendolyn is fighting something. We hesitate to say she is sick because, well, she's smiling and insisting on doing things and going places, but she's just not quite right. No fever. No major lethargy (although a little more tired than usual). But she's not fully herself either. For several...


Heading To Stanford For Trilogy 100

May 13, 2010 by Victoria Strong
We'd be lying if we said everything is A-ok in the Strong household. It is not. And while we know we are in a very precarious situation with Gwendolyn, we are hopeful. We have a plan. Team Gwendolyn is in full force!

Gwendolyn had another episode last week. She didn't completely stop breathing, but...


Bleh. I have a cold.

March 10, 2010 by Victoria Strong
I'm sick. And I'm not liking this fact at all. I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and feeling run down, but I was hoping it was just allergies stirred on by the big winds we are having. This morning, however, I'm congestion, sneezing, and all the signs of a cold. The biggest concern is, of...

Watching Gwendolyn

February 05, 2010 by Victoria Strong
We are a little concerned about Gwendolyn. We have been watching her closely for several weeks. Nothing major is happening, but whenever we notice any subtle changes our worry-meter goes off. She is not tolerating being off bipap for long, has been waking up crying in the night, and has had some...

Gwendolyn (and Bill…and now Victoria) Update

October 16, 2009 by Bill Strong
The past few days have been tough to say the least. Gwendolyn's ear infection/cold is still hanging around and that is EXTREMELY and constantly stressful for us -- 24/7. Any illness is extremely dangerous for Gwendolyn and ANY illness, no matter the severity, has the capacity to end Gwendolyn's...

Gwendolyn Has a Cold and Ear Infection

October 15, 2009 by Victoria Strong
Gwendolyn has a cold and an ear infection. Right now it looks to be a mild-ish issue, but we are, of course, watching closely.

It started on Saturday with a random fever, but when a tooth broke through on Sunday our worries subsided, thinking the fever was simply teething. The only thing that gave...

EEG Follow Up

October 09, 2009 by Victoria Strong
We met with a local neurologist this afternoon to discuss the EEG and the episodes we are seeing. It was inconclusive at this time, but there is concern that what we are seeing is indeed a seizure disorder. We were with the doctor for hours today and went over everything from possible medicines to...

Gwendolyn's EEG

October 08, 2009 by Bill Strong
We've been noticing Gwendolyn having random periods (semi-regularly and mostly off bi-pap) where she is blankly staring into the distance and is more or less unresponsive for several seconds. Her pupils dilate and/or one or both eyes will travel or float during the episode. It's definitely alarmed...

Gwendolyn Update

September 17, 2009 by Victoria Strong
It has been a busy few days. We are home from Stanford now and are continuing to try to figure out what is going on with Gwendolyn. We are still a bit worried, but are relieved to be tackling the issues.

She is doing fine on the antibiotic, but we are watching her closely to make sure her...


Stanford Update

September 15, 2009 by Bill Strong
We just left Dr Yuan's office. Gwendolyn is doing fine. She had an X-Ray done and her lungs look a little cloudier than usual. She has a tentative bronchitis diagnosis, but it doesn't look severe. We are picking up antibiotics now to take for 14 days. However, it isn't so clear if this is the main...

Off To Stanford…

September 14, 2009 by Bill Strong

We are on our way to Lucille Packard Children's Hospital (aka Stanford) to check in with Gwendolyn's pulmonary doc, Dr. Yuan. We are relieved to be going up to see her and are hopeful Gwendolyn's struggles can be eased by increasing the BiPap settings. We wholeheartedly trust Dr. Yuan and her...

Gwendolyn Update

September 13, 2009 by Bill Strong

Thank you to everyone for all of your thoughts and concerns. Gwendolyn's pediatrician, Dr. David Abbott, saw her on very short notice this afternoon -- yes, on a Saturday (he's amazing)! He didn't see or hear or feel anything obvious and that was a relief. It could be a multitude of factors...

Concerned About Gwendolyn

September 12, 2009 by Bill Strong
We're pretty concerned about Gwendolyn. She has had several very, very scary choking episodes over the last few weeks while off bi-pap, is really struggling coming off bi-pap at all at this point, has had a few episodes of turning gray and dusky even while on bi-pap, has been lethargic, fussy, and...

Our Little Butterfly

May 24, 2009 by Victoria Strong
Firstly, it seems Gwendolyn is doing okay. We are definitely watching her closely, but we have not had any other incidents. (Thank goodness and knock on wood!) She is most comfortable on BiPAP and can only come off of it for short periods of time. We don't like that, but there are no clear signals...

Stressful Morning

May 22, 2009 by Bill Strong
Gwendolyn decided to take a cat nap on the home stretch of our morning walk today. The nap was well deserved, as she was absolutely exhausted from a stressful and scary morning.

She had a good night and slept very well. After she woke up and our night nurse had briefed me on the night's events, I...

Gwendolyn Is Doing Just Fine

April 30, 2009 by Victoria Strong

After speaking with Gwendolyn's pulmonologist and making a visit to see her pediatrician, Dr. Abbott, today, we aren't as concerned as we were earlier. While the change in Gwendolyn's oxygen saturation is strange, given that she has never shown any signs of distress or discomfort or major signs of...

Strange Oxygen Saturation Level Pattern

April 29, 2009 by Bill Strong
We've been noticing a strange pattern with Gwendolyn's oxygen saturation levels. We thought it was isolated to while she is sleeping, but today we put her pulsox machine on during the day and the pattern seems to be consistent. Normally, her oxygen saturation ranges from 98-100% regardless of...

c-o-n-s-t-i-p-a-t-i-o-n (ugh!)

March 19, 2009 by Bill Strong
Our poor little Gwendolyn :( Last night we were up half the night with her as she was writhing inconsolably in pain from constipation - sorry about the unsavory topic, but it's reality. She doesn't have a temperature, but her heart rate is very high - last night her heart rate was bouncing from...

Happy 17 month birthday and update

March 05, 2009 by Bill Strong

Happy 17 month birthday Gwendolyn!!!! How about a ginormous "happy birthday" singing Elmo balloon for your birthday? Well, that and a trip to the doctor for your monthly Synagis RSV shot :( Poor little thing.

We were pretty concerned about Gwendolyn over the last week. First, she had an upset tummy,...

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