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September 06, 2010 by Victoria Strong

2010 Micah March Recap: What an Incredible Event!

September 05, 2010 by Victoria Strong
We had so much fun at the 2010 Micah March last weekend. It was such a positive, fun, joyful event and we were so honored to be part of it. The day was absolutely perfect -- the weather was beautiful and the Ojai Valley Trail was begging to be marched on! Over 200 people walked and everyone was so...


September 02, 2010 by Victoria Strong

SB friends -- the SoHo Concert honoring Mia Hultgen and benefiting the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation is TOMORROW -- Friday, September 3 starting at 6:30! Get your dancing shoes ready!

The SoHo event is going to be so much fun! Four bands. Amazing raffle items. Photobooth. And it was advertised in the...


$200K For SMA: Less Than 2 Months After Launch, Campaign Tops $100,000!

August 30, 2010 by Bill Strong

We think it's time to stop...take a deep breath...take a step back...and reflect on a pretty extraordinary accomplishment by a very special group of passionate people.Think about this for a minute.Less than TWO months afterlaunching our "$200K For SMA" fundraising campaign in support of promising...


SoHo Concert to Benefit GSF 9.3.2010 in Honor of Mia Hultgen

August 27, 2010 by Victoria Strong

We want you to meet Mia Hultgen. Mia just turned 30. She's beautiful, accomplished, kind, and from all accounts a totally awesome person. Mia has SMA. SMA Type III. Doctor's told Mia and her parents that she would be lucky to survive to 18. And yet here she, loving, and preparing to...


Micah March THIS Saturday!

August 25, 2010 by Victoria Strong

So excited for this Saturday! The 2010 Micah March is going to be an amazing evening! Over 175 people are expected!!! And we are going to have a blast!

For those of you who are walking don't forget to collect those sponsors and motivate your teams! And if you haven't signed up yet, you can still...


Climb4SMA—Taking the Fight to a New Height!

August 23, 2010 by Victoria Strong

You aren't going to believe the awesome adventure that is taking the SMA fight to a new height! A 22,840 foot height! Yes, that's right...mountain climbing!

You may remember gorgeous Jadon Burks from this post. Well his incredible parents, Tony and Kristin, and their wonderful mountain climbing...


In Memory of Eli, Stephen, and Logan

August 17, 2010 by Victoria Strong
I want to tell you about some very special people. Very special families who even after losing their treasured children keep fighting. It isn't easy. Grief does many things to people. Living in the SMA world, we are witness to grief in its varying forms -- constantly. It impacts the entire family...

Team GSF Runners: Two Worlds Collide

August 12, 2010 by Victoria Strong
We love it! This weekend Lauren (aka Team Run 4 Owen Queen) and Stephen (aka 100 Miles 4 Owen Madman) are meeting in the Bronx to join forces and kick some serious SMA butt. And...Stephen's extremely awesome girlfriend, Magda, is bringing her SMA Go Gettem' shoes, too.

Lauren and Stephen both run...


Taffy’s Pizza Fundraiser TODAY

August 11, 2010 by Victoria Strong

Don't forget...Today, Wednesday, August 11th, Taffy's Pizza in Santa Barbara will donate 20% of each purchase to GSF. The offer is good all day and for both take out and dine in. All you need to do is bring in this flyer or mention the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation. Yep, that's it.

Our wonderful...


Children Helping Children Part 1

August 10, 2010 by Victoria Strong
There's something about children helping gets me every time. It makes me both choked up and motivated to see these innocent faces filled with so much determination and certainty. I love it. We are invigorated by their selflessness and their generosity in giving up a toy or a playtime...

Tri To Fight SMA in Memory of Zane

August 06, 2010 by Victoria Strong

The Schmid family and Sweet Baby Zane supporters are incredible! In the year since Zane's passing, the Schmid's have raised over $125,000 for SMA. And just as importantly they have inspired thousands of friends, family members, and people around the world to get involved in fighting this disease....


In Honor of Lucy Lunt, FondTimes Gift Basket

August 05, 2010 by Victoria Strong
In honor of beautiful, adorable, spunky Lucy Lunt, FondTimes, a creative gift basket company, will be donating all profits (up to $1000) on the Thanks a Million basket to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation. How wonderfully generous is that! And what a great gift - Yum! Thank you FondTimes! We love...

Join Team Gwendolyn for Micah March 5K Walk

August 01, 2010 by Victoria Strong

The 2010 Micah March 5K Walk is already starting out to be a big success. Over 100 people have already preregistered! And Team Gwendolyn is growing by the minute!!! But we'd love to have YOU join us!

Just to recap: The 2010 Micah March is a fun 5K walk being organized by the wonderful Marshall...


ReadGive: Magazines For SMA

July 27, 2010 by Victoria Strong

We love companies who give back -- especially when they are things you would already buy. And we are loving ReadGive. ReadGive offers a large selection of magazines at competitive prices (and they are adding more each month) and with each subscription 40% will be directed to the Gwendolyn Strong...


$200K for SMA: Over $50,000 Raised So Far

July 26, 2010 by Victoria Strong

Over $50,000 has been raised in the $200K for SMA campaign!!! Yes, over $50,000 -- $64,517 to be exact. It is so exciting! Take a look at each participant -- the power of the individual is amazing!!! There are many you have heard lots about and you can see the results of their awesome efforts....


Real Estate for a Cure

July 23, 2010 by Victoria Strong

A few months ago Kristen Kearns (aka sweet baby Zane's aunt) reached out to us to tell us about the wonderfully generous fundraiser that she and her partner, Lucy Rhodes, were starting. Kristen and Lucy are realtors in Pennsylvania (Main Line area) and they decided that with each home sale, a...


SB Friends Save the Date: Micah March 5K on August 28th

July 21, 2010 by Victoria Strong

Okay Santa Barbara and Ventura area residents, it's time to mark your calendar for the 2010 Micah March 5K Walk. Many of you have asked if GSF would organize a walk...many of you have offered to help -- well, the wonderful Marshall family are at it again and have planned an awesome 5K walk in Ojai....


$200K for SMA Campaign Update

July 19, 2010 by Victoria Strong

We are so excited about the $200K for SMA campaign. It is going really well and already there are so many fun events planned as part of funding this exciting gene therapy research -- organized by families directly impacted by SMA AND by many who are not. Pretty amazing! It is important to know...


Makenzie’s Live, Laugh, Breathe—> Tomorrow!

July 16, 2010 by Victoria Strong

Makenzie's Live, Laugh, Breathe Carnival --> is TOMORROW! TOMORROW! After months and months of planning and organizing the BIG day is almost here. Kendra has poured her heart and soul into making tomorrow a day full of fun... a day of magical entertainment... for families, for children, for...


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