The Halloween Fun Begins

October 25, 2010 by Victoria Strong

We had a really great weekend of pre-Halloween fun. We have been so busy lately that we are getting a late start on all the Halloween goodness. I love Halloween -- pumpkins, dress up, all the harvesty foods -- sign me up! So I was in full glory this weekend and since Gwendolyn is her Mama's girl (okay, only sometimes), she was too!

On Saturday, Gwendolyn and Daddy spent the morning together and did their weekly routine of going for a walk and if she's a good girl picking out new book at the bookstore. Gwendolyn is always so proud to show off the selection she made. Then my dad (aka GrandPa) arrived and we headed up north to Avila Beach Barn. Avila Beach is just north of Pismo Beach, so it is a good hour+ drive, but the Avila Beach Barn was so darling that it was worth it. They had goats, cows, sheep, mini horses, chickens, and emus -- yes, emus. Gwendolyn loved seeing all the animals. They were definitely "farmy" so were weren't snuggling up to them, but she did get a kiss on her hand from a sheep. And there were tractor hay rides driven by "real life farmers" who were really sweet and waved to Gwendolyn. They had gorgeous pumpkins of every shape, color, texture and size. And, of course, Gwendolyn wanted to feel all of them to select THE one she was going to take home. She finally settled on two "baseball" pumpkins and one big (only a little lop-sided) fella. After all that fun, when we got home Gwendolyn and GrandPa read stories, held hands, and chatted for hours before she reluctantly went to bed.

On Sunday, Gwendolyn and GrandPa spent the morning playing horses and reading books before we had a nice breakfast out at our favorite Sunday spot, Elements. We then headed over to PEP's Rockin' Halloween annual event. We love PEP!!! As new parents we got so much from this unique new parent focused nonprofit. Most of our wonderful Santa Barbara friends are because of this amazing group and they have been so supportive of us as a family and our mission to end SMA. This is the third year in a row that we have had an SMA awareness booth at their Rockin' Halloween. It's funny to look back at Gwendolyn's different costumes at this PEP event from 2008, 2009, and then this year. And it is amazing to look back on the support we have received in this incredible community. Yesterday we again met new people who had never heard of SMA, yet were open and willing to not only learn but get involved. We are so, so appreciative of all the people out there who selflessly want to make a difference. We need you and you matter, but we are always so aware that no one HAS to get involved and many many do. Thank you!

And on top of rockin' SMA awareness, we also had a ton of fun catching up with friends. Gwendolyn's favorite was seeing her buddies, giving them stickers, and sharing her glow necklaces with others. And she LOVED her Tinkerbell costume. She was so funny when we were putting it on at home -- she HAD to have the shoes and she HAD to have the wig and don't forget my wings Mommy! She's quite bossy in her little way and I love it! And I adore when she is all dressed how she loves to admire herself in the mirror. And whenever someone said, Ohh what a pretty Tinkerbell, she would roll her eyes up in agreement. I'll have to work with her on modesty smile But... isn't she the cutest Tinkerbell ever?

Talk About It

Your weekend looks soooo fun! I bet the Tinker costume was a huge hit. We showed Hayden the picture of Tinker Gwendolyn and she was very happy about it. Miss you guys <3
Posted by Jennifer Calafiore on 2010-10-25 08:58:42
[...] out, too. Later we were invited by the city and local organizations to host booths at several community events to increase awareness about the SMA cause. Businesses have always been supportive and have [...]
Posted by Santa Barbara Businesses Support theGSF | Gwendolyn Strong on 2011-08-24 13:05:08
OMG that wig!!! Could she get any cuter?! I'm glad you guys had a fun-filled weekend. Looks like lots of fun wink
Posted by Theresa Portugal on 2010-10-25 10:09:22
That was so sweet of you all to share the glow necklaces! thank you on behalf of Bella!! Gwendolyn was so adorable in her costume/wig. She has the most beautiful eyes ever. Great seeing you all. xo
Posted by Barbra Mousouris on 2010-10-25 11:36:31
Love the pictures of her and her friends! And the picture of her with your dad! The Tinkerbell wig cracks me up. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend.
Posted by Margaret on 2010-10-25 12:04:41
Oh wow...good times!! So glad that you all had such a fabulous time together--I just love the pumpkin picture!! Be well, Lisa smile
Posted by Lisa Prokopetz on 2010-10-25 15:46:09
What a fun weekend!!! Gwendolyn, You are Tinkerbell. I love your hair and wings and the dress--love it all and you look perfectly fabulous. Love, Mari
Posted by Mari aka "Thorney" on 2010-10-25 17:09:18
Someone looks adorable in her 'pumpkin-picking outfit'!! =)) And OMG, the Tinkerbell costume is perfect! The wig is too much!! I'm so glad to see everyone celebrating Hallowe'en to the nth degree!!
Posted by Sheri on 2010-10-26 09:02:42
Wow, what a fantastic Halloween weekend! You have some beautiful pictures from the pumpkin patch. Gwendolyn looks amazing and so grown up now that she is three! So is Tinker Gwendolyn the "official" Halloween costume or can we look forward to another cute outfit...possibly DJ Lance'olyn????
Posted by Jaime Gooden on 2010-10-27 19:00:05
those pictures are awesome! Love your hat Victoria!
Posted by Hillary on 2010-10-30 12:07:14
Gwendolyn is getting sooo big! And she looks like she's having a blast!
Posted by Robin on 2010-10-30 17:14:39

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