Project Mariposa :: {WEEK ONE} iPad Grants #1-11

February 03, 2012 by Victoria Strong
Project Mariposa :: {WEEK ONE} iPad Grants #1-11

Do you know what's awesome? Changing lives. And that is exactly what YOU are helping to do. Thanks to our amazing donors and supporters, we were able to create Project Mariposa to grant iPads to those with SMA. We started this program by committing to grant 50 iPads in 50 weeks (along with 50 $50 iTunes gift cards), but because of the awesome people who believe in us and believe in what we are doing with Project Mariposa, we have already increased that to 60 iPads. How cool would it be to make it 75...100...200...???  With your help we can. To donate directly to Project Mariposa click HERE. Or to become an official Project Mariposa Sponsor click HERE. And most importantly, THANK YOU. Thank you for helping to open the world for so many through technology! One thing is very clear -- there IS a need. A big need. And we can't wait to share the stories of how these grants are impacting lives.

Today is Project Mariposa :: {WEEK ONE}. And today 11 iPad grants will be awarded. ELEVEN. Yes, 11! If you have already applied and are not selected today, don't worry. Your application will roll over and you will be considered for one of the future grants. If you haven't applied yet, don't worry. We are accepting applications as long as this technology is making a difference. Don't forget to join us on Facebook -- next week's recipient will be announced there.

We are so pleased to introduce you to Project Mariposa grant recipients #1-11 >>

GRANTEE #1: Abrianna Reed, Virginia :: Our beautiful little girl has SMA Type 1 and is now 16 months old. An iPad would be a blessing to Abrianna. I think that it would help develop cognitive and motor skills. She would definitively enjoy touching the screen with her slings. I think that she would enjoy the learning apps as well. Thank you to everyone at GSF for this opportunity.

GRANTEE #2: Brooke Kennedy, Michigan :: Brooke has SMA Type 2 and has a love for technology at the ripe age of 3. She likes to play on mom's iPhone and already knows how to look for her favorite apps. She would be so happy to have her own iPad. The iPad would be helpful to have in stressful situations to help calm her down and redirect her attention. And we feel the iPad will help Brooke develop a longer attention span for learning and learn to communicate with us better than she currently does.

GRANTEE #3: Emma Moeri, Germany :: Emma is 7 years old with SMA Type 2. She is a very happy, optimistic and positive girl. She likes music, dancing with her electric wheel chair, reading, and playing with her friends. At the recent visit of her uncle for Christmas, Emma could try the usage of his iPad. It was fantastic to see how fast and intuitive she was. The usability of the iPad is just great. She can handle it much better than standard keyboards or the mouse of other computers. Also writing with a pen is hard and exhausting for her. So, an iPad would be a great support for different fields of her life.

GRANTEE #4: Dani Pruitt, Kentucky :: Dani has SMA Type 1. She is a 7 1/2 year old crazy as can be 2nd grader who wants nothing more than to do everything herself. She is curious and adventuresome, sweet and sassy, serious and funny. Dani has very little fear of trying anything and definitely wants to do do do. As a family we find great joy in finding ways Dani can do things that look a bit difficult. Dani has used an ipad with therapists and definitely understands and enjoys it. We would love to be able to find another way that Dani could be more independent and function like most everyone else.

GRANTEE #5: Hannah Price, Florida :: Hannah is a 15 year old young lady diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1 at 5 months of age. She would like to use an iPad to learn music and play the virtual keyboard. She wants to go to Julliard for College, where she plans to major in music and possibly have a career in singing. This is her dream. She uses a laptop computer currently for school work. She is a home schooled student who is dual enrolled with Florida Virtual School for 3 classes currently. I believe an iPad would open up many uncharted possibilities in the technological world for Hannah since there are so many Apps. I know music and web design are two very top interests for Hannah.

GRANTEE #6: Caiden Pynenberg, Wisconsin :: Caiden is a 4 year old boy with SMA Type 2. Like all the SMA children he has a positive outlook on life. Caiden is not a typical Type 2 as he also has another hurdle to over come; Caiden is non-verbal because he also has "Apraxia." Apraxia is where the"wires" are crossed somewhere between the vocal and the brain but, like SMA, the brain is unaffected. There is nothing worse than not being able to get your child what he needs because you can't communicate and he gets frustrated because he is unheard. An iPad would be something that would open numerous doors for him.

GRANTEE #7: Emily Wolinksy, Texas :: I am a 34 year old woman living with SMA Type 2. Currently, I work full-time as a Project Specialist for the State Independent Living Council. There, I recruit folks with developmental disabilities like mine to become leaders and advocates in their communities. When I'm not working, I'm taking online classes as a full-time graduate student. I have always wanted to own an iPad because I know it would make my life much easier. I cannot lift or hold a laptop. If I were to have an iPad, I could bring it into bed with me after my nurse leaves and have more hours in the day to work. I could actually hold and carry it around. I would get so much done, not only for myself, but for others.

GRANTEE #8: Chase Langland, Ohio :: Chase is age 6, with SMA Type 1. Like other children with SMA, he’s had many challenges and many hospital stays due to illness. Like his friends with SMA, his courage and ability to be happy, no matter what life brings him, amazes us! He tried his friend’s iPad and loved it. The hospital teacher worked with him on one, as well, and the sadness that he expressed when she left the room with it was tremendous. This is when we knew that he needed one. It would be a good tool for many purposes -- learning, playing, therapy, etc. Unfortunately, the cost is too much to endure, so hearing about these grants gave us so much hope for him obtaining one. Please consider him for this incredible gift and thank you so much for your amazing generosity to help our amazing kids.

GRANTEE #9: Wren Grabham, Oregon :: Wren was diagnosed with SMA Type 3 at age 2. She stopped being able to stand at age 4 and has used her power chair for mobility since then. She is a very social, active and sensitive child. She started kindergarten this year and loves it, yet weakness in her arms slows down her ability to write. Her kindergarten teacher tells us, "Wren's hands can't keep up with her brain!" Wren can't keep up with her other classmates physically due to fatigue and she is extremely frustrated by this. She is becoming more aware that her body is failing her and more sensitive to not being able to do what other kids can do. Our hope is that by having her own iPad at school, Wren would be able to reach her full potential and excel in her studies. She would benefit from the different apps and programs that would help her better express her brilliant mind. The iPad would also help her with socialization and finding new ways to interact with other kids.

GRANTEE #10: Jaelie Williams, Florida :: Jalie is 3 years old and has SMA Type 1. Jaelie loves getting OT because her therapist always brings the facilities iPad. Jaelie is very sad after her one hour once a week visit is done because she has to wait a whole week to play on her own again. Jaelie used to be able to move and play on her own but SMA took that away from her. It would be a huge blessing if she could have some independence again whenever she wanted it.

GRANTEE #11: Ayden Trammell, Nebraska :: When Ayden was about 2-3 months old we started questioning his development and two weeks before his first Christmas we got our diagnosis..SMA Type 1. Ayden is now 5 and currently going to Kindergarten. Ayden's school will not purchase one for him and we can not afford an iPad. This iPad would open up SO many doors for him and would be very beneficial for Ayden's education, entertainment, and communication! 

Congratulations to Project Mariposa grantees #1-11! Remember to check back on theGSF Facebook fanpage next Friday to meet the next Project Mariposa grant recipient. 

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