Project Mariposa :: iPad Grants #39-45

June 01, 2012 by Victoria Strong

Each week we announce the Project Mariposa grant recipients on our Facebook fan page. We look forward to Fridays and this announcement all week long. And we absolutely love hearing how these grants are helping create new experiences and changing lives -- and we plan to share some of these awesome stories with you all soon. If you missed the incredible grant recipients of the last two weeks, they are:

{WEEK SIXTEEN} Grantee #39 :: Kate Snape, Cheshire, England :: Kate is nearly 16 now and is finishing her GCSE's. An iPad would help her to carry out her studies both now and in the future when she goes on to college. Kate is an intelligent, bright girl who has a passion for art, science and writing and an iPad would be a great way for her to go into these interests more deeply. Also, Kate enjoys spending time on the family PC or on her school laptop for homework but sometimes has difficulty getting close to the computers or tires from using a mouse or keyboard for too long. She finds a touch screen much easier to use and much less tiring so an iPad would be the perfect solution. An iPad will have such a positive impact on her life, enjoyment and education.

{WEEK SEVENTEEN} Grantee #40 :: Bethany Dixon, South Carolina :: I adopted my angel when she was a few weeks old. Her birth mother is a drug addict and has no contact. When she was 16 months old, I got the devastating news that my perfect little girl had SMA Type II. She is now 6 years old, fun loving, and full of life. She loves playing with her older brothers, driving her wheelchair and school! She has overcome so much and is the smartest, happiest, most amazing little girl you could ever meet. An iPad for Bethany would come in handy in so many different ways. She had back surgery recently and misses a lot of school because of SMA. She could use an iPad to help with school work while in the hospital and also to help with the fine motor skills required to keep up in school. Part of her IEP is for her to be able to use other means of communication because her hands tremble and sometimes it's hard for her to use a pencil. I have been trying really hard to get an iPad but I cannot afford one. She is so smart and after seeing the EXCITEMENT in her eyes and voice when she got to try an iPad for just a few minutes brought so much JOY to both of us.

Today we are granting five new iPads -- FIVE! Because of the efforts of Sierra Vista High School, we were able to grow Project Mariposa even further. And we are so very excited. YOU can help too. Get involved and help change someone's life!

We are so thrilled to introduce you to {WEEK EIGHTEEN} Project Mariposa Grant Recipients #41-45:

Grantee #41 :: Sara Gerson, California :: Sara is two-years-old and has SMA Type 2. An iPad would be therapeutic for her by encouraging her to use her hands and arms and help her focus on something beside the discomfort during her physical therapy sessions. I know she will thrive using the iPad. Sara has been an amazing inspiration to our family with her constant smile and ability to make everyone laugh and smile. She reminds us daily that LIFE is amazing and beautiful!

Grantee #42 :: Seth Walker, Washington :: Hi. My name is Seth Walker. I’m a senior in high school and a sophomore in college. I am participating in the Running Start program at the local community college to take classes that give me both high school and college credit. I am interested in writing for film, multimedia, and web design. An iPad would be the perfect solution for me to take notes in class, complete homework assignments, communicate with friends, and share ideas conveniently. As of now, I am unable to take my laptop with me because it is too cumbersome, and I am only able to utilize it at home. In addition to these things, I would also be able to conveniently carry textbooks with me without having to carry cumbersome physical copies which are too heavy for me. With the countless applications that an iPad makes available, I would be able to utilize a great number of them such as the kindle app, word processing, notetaking, speech to text, blackboard for online class access, graphic arts tools, and iMovie to make multimedia presentations. 

Grantee #43 :: Maxwell Peppers, Ohio :: Maxwell is two-years-old, has SMA Type 2, and is the happiest boy I have ever seen. He smiles all of the time and he loves everyone. Maxwell obviously has physical challenges and he is struggling with his speech so he gets extremely frustrated at times. I believe the iPad will help Maxwell communicate better and I think the iPad will pique his interests and stimulate his visual and speech senses. Maxwell would love the opportunity to see and interact with the vibrant colors on an iPad and play independently. Maxwell is a true bundle of joy. He loves everyone. Unfortunately I know all too well the trials and tribulations of SMA. Maxwell is the 4th child to be diagnosed with SMA in our family. He had two uncles with SMA Type 1 and has a niece who is now 19-years-old living with SMA. As a family we will continue to provide our son with the best possible quality of life available to us.

Grantee #44 :: Anabella Gamez, Texas :: Bella is now 8-years-old and has SMA Type 2. Once we got over the emotional shock of the diagnosis, we decided to deal with it and do everything we could to make life "accessible" to Bella. If she wants to do or try something, we are on it! Just recently she said, "I'm so happy I was born"-- yes!! That's exactly how we want her to feel/think!! I am a teacher and I have seen all of the great apps available to help Bella with reading, math and actually all subject areas. Bella would be so excited to have an iPad. It's the kind of joy that I want Bella to have in her day to day routine. I want her to have something to be excited about when we talk about school and school work. She had an awful experience in first grade and it's difficult to get her motivated when it comes to school work. I think the iPad would get her excited about her school work again. Bella is smart, funny, sweet, light-hearted, chatty... she really is amazing and has the best attitude on life.

Grantee #45 :: Nathan Cooper, California :: Nathan is 6-years-old and is a weak Type 2. He is in kindergarten and struggles to write because of strength. His spine is also really curved which makes holding a pen hard. Nathan could use an iPad at school to write and learn to read. Nathan gets frustrated easily trying to hold things because he does not have a lot of strength. It is so hard as a parent to watch him cry because it is hard to do things like the other kids. It breaks our hearts because Nathan is our whole world and when he crumbles WE CRUMBLE WITH HIM!! We would be so blessed to have a grant like this which could make Nathan's life easier.

Congratulations everyone! We can't wait to hear about your exciting future with your new iPad.

To learn more about this program click the image below or visit

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