Birthday Part 2: A Cowgirl Party

October 09, 2011 by Victoria Strong

Yee-haw! Gwendolyn decided she wanted to have a cowgirl birthday party to celebrate turning F.O.U.R. Okay, that was pretty easy to guess since our house is practically a stable with her horse collection. With everything that happened with Gwendolyn's health this summer, we didn't even start getting organized until a few weeks before the shindig. But once the party planning began, Gwendolyn and I had so much fun together. I absolutely love this stuff, but what was really special this year is Gwendolyn had ideas about every detail. Big horse balloons: YES. Burlap banner with sparkle pink paint: YES. Pink and green bandanas: YES. Bubble machine: Uh-huh. Little Star: Of course! And we made so many of the details together.

On the big day, Gwendolyn was so proud. She was excited to put on her special outfit (a personalized shirt from Etsy, a ruffle jean skirt, and cowbow boot socks) and she couldn't wait to put on her cowgirl hat. She loved that all the family got in the dressing up spirit, too -- Daddy even bought a Stetson. And when she saw all the decorations out she looked at each detail and then gave a nod and an eye roll for approval.

It was a small gathering of G's Santa Barbara besties and their parents and even though Little Star is NOT a party pony, he made an exceptionfor his #1 girl's big milestone. This was the first time Gwendolyn's friends got to meet Little Star and he was just as gentle as ever. He was dressed in majestic purple (Gwendolyn's favorite color) and had a chance to nuzzle each guest (and munch on some of the hay from the decorative bales of hay).

After Little Star departed the children continued to busy themselves with putting on horse tattoos, playing in the bubbles, and dressing up for photos. I put different shaped mustaches on sticks after seeing this darling idea at my friend Sarah's party for her son and just love the photos with these -- and the stick is also the perfect prop for Gwendolyn because she can hold it and move it on her own! The guests also had fun with the face paint, which started off with simple stars and moons but soon turned into the children drawing on their very tolerant mommies' arms -- things like lakes and race tracks and who knows (sorry guys, hope it washed off smile ). And then we all gathered to pull the strings on the horse shoe pinata, sing to the birthday girl, and then share yummy cupcakes.

I could honestly go on and on about Gwendolyn's party, but the main feeling was just so much joy seeing our big four-year-old so happy. She was so puffed up that this was all for her, never becoming overwhelmed, and had a look of sheer bliss the entire party. And that means everything! And Bill and I were able to watch her joy and feel so very grateful for our little determined cowgirl.

{Most of these photos are courtesy of Jennifer Foster from Z's the Day Photography. A huge thank you to Jen for capturing this special celebration for our family.}

Talk About It

How cute! So happy you're all having fun with Gwendolyn's Birthday! Danika
Posted by Danika Cito on 2011-10-09 12:42:22
LOVED reading about the party & seeing all the wonderful photos!!! Kisses to Gwendolyn, the big 4-year-old!
Posted by Kelly Gillespie on 2011-10-09 13:34:41
Wow, what an awesome party, you are clearly the party planner extraordinaire! Glad everyone had a great time! Once again, Happy Happy Happy 4th Birthday G, we love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Laurie on 2011-10-09 13:46:29
Posted by Corinne on 2011-10-09 15:55:55
What a fantastic party! I love looking at the pictures. So many happy people. Love to the BIG FOUR YEAR OLD Miss G.!
Posted by Margaret on 2011-10-09 18:32:13
What a fabulous party! It is no wonder G was in awe....everything looked amazing! I so wish we could have been there to celebrate with ya'll. BTW Bill, the flipflops really pulled together the cowboy ensemble LOL!
Posted by Jaime Gooden on 2011-10-09 19:59:13
What a great birthday for a fabulous big 4 year old. i can imagine all the fun you and Gwendolyn had planning and putting together the party. --Mari
Posted by Maril Roll on 2011-10-09 20:56:21
Oh my goodness!! Fabulous fabulous! I just love all the details and the fun you added to Gwendolyn's awesome day! So much fun and I'm thrilled she is back to herself and feeling better! yee haw partner!!
Posted by Penny on 2011-10-09 21:23:41
Happy Birthday Sweet G!!! So glad you got to have such a great party with your family, all your friends and with Lil Star!!1 I am continually praying that God bless you with many more birthday parties to come!!! Love ya!! Miss Kelly aka KD from
Posted by Kelly DeBardelaben on 2011-10-10 10:10:10
Wow-Weeee! That looked like a Hoot'en-Toot'en good time! I love all the pretty details, especially that banner. Very cute! I bet Little Star and Gwendolyn we're so very proud to be able to show off together. What a pair they are. Love all these pictures. Looks like a great time. Love you TONS Gwendolyn!!
Posted by Jennifer Calafiore on 2011-10-10 11:12:08
A perfect party for a perfect four year-old girl! I love all the photos and the decorations and little touches were just amazing! Happy birthday sweet G!
Posted by Jessica on 2011-10-10 12:47:08
Oh the fun!! What a wonderful way to celebrate such an amazing little girl! That Little Star sure is cute too! : )
Posted by Kristen on 2011-10-10 18:29:22
Smiles all around on this wonderful post! Thanks for the pictures and letting us share in the fun smile
Posted by jillian on 2011-10-11 06:34:13
[...] for an extra special little cowgirl. You can read more about Gwendolyn, her life and her party here Thank you, Victoria and Bill for allowing me to be a part of Miss G’s amazing life. [...]
Posted by {Santa Barbara Party Photographer} Cowgirl Star on 2011-10-11 13:34:16
What FUN!!! No shortage of joy at that party smile 'Lucy'
Posted by Helen on 2011-10-13 19:42:28
Gwendolyn, you are FOUR! What a perfect party for the #1 Horse-Girl of Santa Barbara! You did a great job with the decorations, and especially special guest Little Star. Happy Birthday Sweetie!
Posted by Kris Pilkington on 2011-10-15 10:24:41

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